Wednesday, January 15, 2014

hate, bullying, discrimination

These three words are something that bother me about today's society. A lot of people tend to thrive off negativity. I'm not meaning negative as in "my life sucks", "i hate everything" type speech. I'm talking about the negative that goes lower than the necessary boundary.

I've had a tumblr for about 4 years now, and I cannot tell you how many times I have seen these messages:
"go kill yourself", "you're worthless", "go cut yourself", "you're so ugly".   
my only question is how?

How does someone have the right to tell someone else they need to kill themselves? How does someone have the authority to have a say on someone else's worth? How does someone even have the audacity to sit there and tell someone they need to cut themselves?

The thing about the whole thing makes me sick, yes; however, it scars me for life knowing these people, these cowards, hide behind their computer screen so they're "safe" from getting that hate in return. I often times sit in my room wondering about how all these negative comments has pushed someone to commit suicide. Only being 19, I still could not imagine my own child, the very thing I gave life to, taking away their own life.

I've noticed many people discriminating against sexuality now. Hating someone they barley know because they hold the label:
gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual
How can we has a society sit here and rave about equality when our compeers don't even obtain it?  The United States of America has striven for equality. For example, where would we be if those who stood up against slavery never stood up in the first place? Where would we be if Martin Luther King Jr. didn't risk his life for both blacks and whites to become equal? Where would we be if women didn't fight the right to vote so they could be treated as equals? If this is true, then why are we as a country still having equality problems?

I become mentally sick when I hear or see the words:
"those who commit suicide are cowards"
why, you ask? Because those who commit are not cowards. They are not simply "running away from their problems". 95%-98% of those who have committed suicide struggled with sever depression. If anyone knows anything about depression, it's not something you can just wake up from.

Imagine waking up feeling sad day after day after day. Imagine that blackness consuming you, taking over your emotions, your life. Imagine that darkness, waking up in despair knowing you won't be fully happy. Imagine feeling hopeless and unloved every day of every waking hour.

 It was also brought to my attention that a clothing store deliberately tried to sell clothing that said "depression", and "eat less" on them. If you want to read more on the subject, click here. Why are we deciding to make mental illnesses a fashion trend? How can it even be glorified?  These people need attention, yes, but it needs to be done properly. How can society sit there pretty much state "go cut yourself because it's the in trend". I've even seen countless razor marks you can put on your wrist during Halloween. It's disgusting. These people struggling deserve to be loved not made fun of.

If you are struggling, I just want you to know how much I love you.
you ARE strong.  you ARE worth it. you ARE beautiful. you ARE handsome. you ARE perfect just the way you are.
 I don't want you to kill yourself tonight, tomorrow, not ever. I want to be able to get a chance to met you. I want to have a chance to show you how amazing you are. You might not believe in yourself, not yet, but I do. I always will. I know the world is filled with so much hate, but seeing the future will be worth it.

I love you, stay strong.


  1. I loved how you used pictures and that link for the article. Much appreciated. I don't understand why people go to such extents. What makes them feel so angry/insecure/or whatever to attack other people? Many bully victims die. And it's not fair. People think it's just the nerdy or "weird looking" people but no. I watched The Bully Project Documentary and it just opened my eyes even more to the extent of bullying and how it happens to ANYONE. How I treat people is very simple. I assume nothing. And I make people comfortable. You've slept with too many guys? Not calling you a slut, it's called a learning experience. You've done drugs? I would have done drugs too if I was in the wrong place in the wrong time but thankfully I've never done any of them. You've done things you aren't proud of? I am no judge. I am here to help. Ahh, this irks me so much. All these labels, and discrimination. It's not okay, and I refuse to add to it.

    1. I agree with you about everything! I am much the same way! I'd rather judge a person after I get to know them.


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