Saturday, February 15, 2014

Meeting Marissa Meyer

On the 11th of February, I was able to attend my first ever book signing and met Marissa Meyer, author of the lunar chronicles: cinder, scarlet, cress, winter.

I wasn't sure how a book signing would be, but it was incredible! Marissa is such a hilarious person. She was always cracking jokes, and she just seemed super down to earth. She told us a Cinderella fairy tale and how she entered into a writing contest to be on Star Trek. 

I met her in Michigan, and she told us she was excited to come to see icicles. It was perfect. I also loved hearing her backstory before she was a published author. Glad to know she's proud to be a nerd. I think the best part of meeting her was just being able to give a face to the author name on the book, you know?

If you have not yet read The Lunar Chronicles, please please please do! 

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