Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Why I love reading a certain genre...

Everyone has that one color, genre, food, etc, that speaks to them more than others. It may be because of the taste, texture, or overall feeling they get while being in its proximity. For example, my favorite colors are green and purple. I prefer these colors over any. I love the calming sensation they give me.

A while ago I was in the mood to read some hardcore fantasy, so I did what any book lover may do, I stalked all the books I had to read on my bookshelf. Upon my dismay, I realized that practically all the books on my shelves, that are unread, are contemporary. Not only contemporary, but the character have a legitimate problem to deal with in his or her life.

Thus, this got me thinking: Why do I have so much contemporary? I use to believe I never had a 'set' genre. I thought I was pretty open to reading anything. So...here I am writing about why I love reading this certain genre. So many prefer reading fantasy and fantasy a-like because it takes them out of their reality and puts them into some kick ass 'brain film'.

I honestly prefer an action/fantasy movie over anything because I feel like watching a 'contemporary' movie on the big screen would be somewhat boring. Okay, I'm getting off topic. I love reading contemporary or as I like to call it: realistic fiction, because I love reading about other peoples problems. I have always been fascinated about wanting to know why some people do the things they do. I like reading about a character with say an eating disorder or depression because I am so intrigued on learning how they cope with it. I feel like that will help me help someone else. I also love reading these books because sometimes I get so caught up in how my life 'sucks'. By reading these books, I realize that my problems could always be worse.

I also love reading contemporary becuase I feel like I'm not alone. I feel like these characters have become my best friends and they trust me enough to tell me their deepest darkest secrets. I love reading about girls going through breakups because it makes me feel like the way I acted after being dumped didn't make me crazy. I love reading about girls with boyfriends because I miss what it's like to have a crush on someone.

Don't get me wrong, I love reading other genre's. The only thing I have a problem with with some genres is that the main character (usually a girl) seems so dependent on having a boyfriend. Not only a boyfriend, but the character tends to find themselves in a love triangle, and I despise love triangles. To me, they make the main character seem super desperate. I love reading contemporary because the guy is never this perfect stud muffin with an amazing body. There is usually always some type of flaw in him, yet girls swoon over him anyways. For example, St. Claire from Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins has an overbite. Wesley from the D.U.F.F by Kody Keplinger has a few family problems. 

If you're interest in reading more contemporary here are some of my favorites because they're either fun or inspired me in some way (some you may not consider contemporary): 

What are some of your favorites? 


  1. I absolutely love this post! You did a fantastic job with it.
    Out of the books mentioned on your list, The Book Thief, Lola and the Boy Next Door, and Amy and Roger's Epic Detour, are the ones I have either on my shelf or my nook waiting to be read.
    I have read TFIOS, Perfect Chemistry, The DUFF, Statistical Probability, and Speak, and I really loved each one of them. However, those are really the only contemporary books that I have read. Thinking about it, I realize that I don't really read much of that.

    1. Aw, thank you so much. I really hope you enjoy the ones you still have yet to read on your shelf or nook :D


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