Monday, May 12, 2014

Calypso by Natalie Cuddington

CalypsoNovellas/Pre-squeals: No
 Series: No
 Published by: Self published 
 Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult 
 Pages: 318 
 Source: Sent by author 
Rating: ✬✬✬✬✬ 
Iva is a teenage Calypsian, an alien living on one of Saturn’s moons. She enjoys her sheltered life and feels safe knowing her home’s atmosphere is designed to protect them from enemies. But when Calypso is suddenly invaded by humans, she finds herself face to face with Justin, a 17 year old boy from Earth. Stuck in the middle of a war zone, Justin and Iva have no choice but to put trust in each other in order to put a stop to what's going on, and save their own worlds.

I'm probably bias considering that fact that Nat is my friend, but in all honesty, this book was fabulous. I loved all of the characters, the plot, everything. I also loved how it was written. Sometimes I read books where the author seems like they're forcing what they're trying to say, but this book seemed honest. (that doesn't really make sense does it?).

 Iva, the main character, annoyed me in the beginning which is understandable because I feel like sometimes a main character should annoy you in order for them to grow as a character. Iva really did grow and become a strong character. I loved her for that. I also developed a hardcore crush on Justin. Awww, Justin. He was an amazing character. I also developed a mad crush on Brett. OH MY GOD I LOVED HIM.

 The ending of this was so real and I still need a moment to cope with what I read. Everything in the book felt real. There was a moment where I felt like I was in pain. I was fidgeting and cringing and all that good stuff. Overall, everyone needs to buy Nat's book because not only is her book fabulous,but she is too!

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