Sunday, May 18, 2014

Judging Movie Adaptions

The year of book to movie adaptions is becoming huge. There are so many books to read now that I personally am becoming stressed. I mean, I should be stressed. Most of the book to movie adaptions happening are for books I would never have considered reading. However, I am the type of person that HAS TO READ A BOOK BEFORE SEEING THE MOVIE. I put it in my head that I must see every book to movie adaption because... well.. I'm not really sure to be honest. I always have to see the movie even if I didn't like the book.I also love seeing my favorite books being turned into movies just as much as the next person.

However, as much as book to movie adaptions are awesome, there are some things that REALLY bother me. The first problem I have is the way the fandom of the book acts. They get pissed when "the characters don't look like their version", "the movie doesn't follow the book", "the movie ruined the book for them". Okay, okay, okay, I know it sucks when all of these happens. I mean. I have had several movies where the characters looked completely "wrong" but they ended up doing a decent job. 

People need to understand that their character version is different from everyone elses. Of course the actor playing Edward Cullen doesn't look like your Edward Cullen. It would be creepy if it did.. It just really urkes me when people aren't happy about the casting so they refuse to see the movie. I mean, seriously? That seems a little childish. Even if they don't "look the part", they may act amazing and do your favorite character justice. I know a lot of people loathed Theo James as Four because he looked "too old" and after they seen him act, they LOVED him. All I am saying, is at least give the actors a chance. Plus, the directors are the ones casting and creating the movie in the first place. Don't blame the actors. 

Nothing pisses me off more than when I see person after person after person saying how the movie didn't follow the book. Of course it didn't! Movies and books are too desperate arts. There are copy right issues and stuff beyond. Sure the Hunger Games may have followed the books really well, but we don't all know all the copy right things that went between director and author. Even John Green stated this (source here):
 I couldn't agree more with John. I feel like if a movie followed a book, it would take a little of the magic away from the book because you have these people that only watch the movie. If they only watched the movie and it was line for line from the book, it's like this secret world only you really knew about kind of disappears, if that makes sense. 

Last but not least, it bothers me how people say the movie ruined the book for them. If you read the book first and loved it, do not let the movie ruin it for you. The movie was created by a whole other author. The book should stay a favorite because you got something from it whether just because you loved it, it's a favorite author, or you learned something from it.

And please, please, pleaseeee, don't ever, ever, ever judge a book on it's movie. 


  1. This: "it's like this secret world only you really knew about kind of disappears". Makes complete sense.
    I completely agree with this post. I just go into a movie theater thinking that the movie is a completely new creation, that it's not the book, but something new and different. That way if it's not true to the book, I'm not disappointed and I can enjoy it as a different form of entertainment. Does that make sense?

  2. Yeah I would definitely agree with Stefani as well. I rather not watch a movie that's exactly like the book or the way that I imagined it, because then that would be a little too boring. I want to see a new perspective on my stories. And then there's also a budget, which sucks because who wouldn't want a full blown movie of their favorite book?


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