Saturday, November 15, 2014

Best Dressed- Vampire Academy

Hello! This is just a small meme I'm planning on doing on my blog every Saturday! It is where I find books from different countries or compare paper back to hard back and judge who is best dressed. Hope you enjoy! Also, keep in mind that I find these covers through goodreads so I apologize if they're incorrect.


I've never read the Vampire Academy series... yet. I hope to some day though! And since I'm not exactly sure on the plot, I can only vote on picking up the book through the covers. I love all of the pictures on the UK edition. I'm sure they have all have some form of symbol from the story. However, I don't like how every cover is the same. Red, black, and white. I love how the United States has that fence at the bottom with the VA in it. I also love how all of the covers have different colors. I just don't like how all of the covers has a fence on them... to me it's not very original.

I think if I were in a bookstore, I would choose the UK edition. I think the black and red really work together well. I also seen how they look when people show them in youtube videos. I think they would look really beautiful on the shelves. I think the US books are pretty in a way, but I'm tired of covers only full on people.

Which do you choose?

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