Thursday, November 13, 2014

Don't be embarrassed about reading

Hello! I wanted to discuss today why you should not be embarrassed of the book you're reading in public.

I, too, have struggled with being proud of what I was reading while in public settings. Take for example, Twilight. Of course Twilight became very hyped by fans; however, with hype it also brought a lot of hate. I let my fear of being judged prevent me from showing off what I was reading. I found myself reading more hardcovers so I could take the cover off and keep it hidden in the depth of my room. I was not only embarrassed to read Twilight but any young adult book. I thought readers only read the classics and adult books. But we need to embrace the lessons we learn from books. We need to embrace reading in general. 

One reason you shouldn't be embarrassed or even ashamed is because everyone, everyone, has different tastes. Different taste in clothes, music, hair styles. Yes, even books. Imagine a world where everyone was the same. Which brings me to my next point, embrace being different. If you're embarrassed to read a book everyone else thought was bad, embrace it! Be proud of being different. The world would be a very boring place otherwise. 

Reading in public can be spread like word of mouth. People on the streets, in the airport, at the doctors may ask you, "how is that?", "What's your book about?". Maybe, just maybe, they'll end up buying it later that day because of you. I mean, how did Twilight become so hyped up? It was Stephenie's debut novel. I remember learning about it through someone else because I asked about the book they were reading (Breaking Dawn) because I loved the cover. Next thing I know, it's spread like wild fire and everyone I know is read it and telling everyone else how amazing it is and how they should read it too. 

Don't be embarrassed because you're supporting an author, someone part of the book community, someone that loves books as much as you do. It's okay if you dislike the book. It's okay if you didn't actually buy the book. You're still supporting that author. Even if you don't like the book, someone else might see it, buy it, and fall in love. That's all we can really ask for, isn't it? 

The last reason, you may just start a conversation. You may get this person to read or you may even become friends. Maybe you have a friendly debate arguing on if the book is good or not. Or maybe you become soul mates and live happily ever after! But either way, you started a conversation and in today's world, that is so, so, so hard to do when everyone is always staring that their phones. 

I hope you enjoyed this (: 
Remember, do not ever, ever be embarrassed about reading in public, school, any wheres. Embrace it and be you because you are awesome! 


  1. Wonderful post, Amber. I think those who read the books that aren't hot or trending are the ones who really need to talk about them the most. There are so many great books that don't get enough hype or attention!

    1. I couldn't agree more! All books deserve love, even the ones not so well liked. I guess it's like the saying, we all need second chances c:

  2. Aw thanks for the great advice, Amber :) Coincidentally, I remember being so embarrassed reading Twilight in public as well because I was like 11 years old that time, and I liked reading it because I had friends reading it everywhere. But my classmates hated it, and they must've thought I had a weird taste in books o.O

    Anywho, this post is really inspiring!! I usually hide my books if it's a fluffy romance novel because barely anyone in school like fluffy love stories like me :P But thanks for teaching me to be proud of what I read, haha!! Lovely post! I'm glad you shared this ^_^

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment (:
      I hope you stay proud of what your reading!


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